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Adventure on the archery track in Rüütli Farm

Your archery adventure begins at the practice field of Rüütli Farm. First, you will learn about bows and other equipment. Then, you will receive thorough instructions about the rules of safety which you must observe when using a bow. Once the theory is clear, practice begins and everyone will learn how to use a bow. In order to hone your new skills, an exciting competition for new 'archers' takes place on a forest trail. The size of the group can be up to 8 people; however, you can also come on your own.

Sangaste safari adventures

Adventure in Sangaste to discover Count Berg’s era in a safari jeep! Sangaste Safari offers guests a memorable adventure experience.

Our experienced guides will take you to places that you would otherwise not visit. We will tell exciting stories, explore wonderful places with a safari jeep, and experience the wonderful tastes of Sangaste rye village. We guarantee you will have an adrenaline-fueled day full of positive energy.


Sangaste Castle

Sangaste Castle is one of the 21 Southern Estonian places worth discovering that are marked with a yellow National Geographic window. If you are interested in culture and history, it is definitely worth a visit.
Sangaste castle and park were fashioned after the famous Windsor castle in England. The magnificent halls, architecture and history of the castle make this a good place for a big wedding, get-togethers or spending the night in a genuine castle. The castle restaurant serves local food and real rye vodka made from Sangaste rye.

In addition to the castle, the stables, dairy, barn, water tower and arboretum are also open for visitors.

Sangaste Manor Stable Visitor Centre

The stable is one of the buildings of the Sangaste Manor which has been renovated into a visitor centre and today houses the exhibition Rukkikrahv ja Ilmaimed (The Rye Count and Wonders of the World).

The exhibits at the centre tell the story of the scientific wonders of the 19th century and Count Berg, the owner of Sangaste Castle. It will take the visitors back in time for a hundred years and more. Visitors can also try out exercise devices and other equipment from that time. Children can have fun in the hall of technical wonders as well as at the ‘grandmother’s place’.

Harimäe lookout tower and Harimägi

Harimägi is one of the largest mesas in the Otepää Uplands (211 m above sea level). It is worth coming to Harimäe whenever you are near Otepää.

The Harimäe Observation Tower is located 3 km from Kääriku in the direction of Sangaste. The height of the tower is 28 m, and the highest viewing platform is 24 m high. The tower offers views of the Otepää mountains and across the Väike Emajõgi valley to the Karula upland. 

Birds and farm animals of Tuuleoru farm

Birds of different breeds grow on the Tuuleoru farm: homing pigeons, turkeys, geese, ducks, as well as many's favorite bare-necked chickens. Small animals include Shetland mini ponies, rabbits, goats (Anglo-Nubian British breed of domestic goat), whose cheerful ears and peculiar face attract attention.

All animals can be fed/watered and petted. After watching the animals and birds, we offer the opportunity to have a picnic - the hostess will happily prepare something delicious according to your wishes. You can buy home-made goat's milk cheese and milk.

Hundikuru Stable

Hundikuru Stable is a small home-stable in the middle of the beautiful nature of Otepää, where those interested are mainly offered basic riding lessons and children's camps.

Hundikuru Stable's activities have grown out of the hostess's great love for horses and the desire to offer horse fans of all ages the opportunity to ride or just spend time with horses. The main activity of the stable has become the organization of horse camps. At the same time, we also offer riding training, basic riding lessons, cross-country rides, the possibility of holding events, and carriage and sleigh rides.

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